Friday, May 16, 2014


Muesli is a great breakfast to start with and if you have a sweet tooth, then you have many options with Muesli.

It is very easy to make Muesli at home and you can store it in an air tight container for a long time. You can add as many kinds of nuts you like but I have given what I usually add to my breakfast. So, here it is.

Nutritional Information (Approx)
Energy  220 Calories
Fat 27 %
Carbohydrate 13 %
Dietary Fiber 24 %
Sodium 1 %
Vitamin A 0 %
Vitamin C 0 %
Calcium  6 %
Iron  15 %
Protein 7 Grams
Sugar 8 Grams

 Rolled/flaked Barley 1 cup
 Rolled/flaked Oats 1 cup
 Rolled/flaked wheat (optional) 1 cup
 Corn flakes (plain) 1 cup
 Flax seeds 1/2 cup
 Sunflower seeds (Optional) 1/2 cup
 Chopped Almonds 1/4 cup
 Raisins (Optional) 1/4 cup
 mixture of dried fruits of your choice 1/4 cup

You can mix all the above ingredients and store it in an air tight container. You can add your choice of fresh fruits to your breakfast bowl with Muesli and have it with either milk or yoghurt.

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