Welcome to Poorni's easy Cookbook. I am Poornima Hegde, the writer, photographer, cook and contributor for this blog. When I am not working at home, making chocolates and taking care of my little bundle of joy, I am cooking, learning and experimenting to make food healthy and posting the succeeded ones on this blog.

Being a new mom, Blogging has succoured me to cope with the changes and has made me a better person. I started this blog 2 years ago to aspire my culinary dreams and give my cooking desire a new meaning. I love creating healthy versions of the regular dishes and also prepare food that touches hearts. I pen down those acquired creations in this blog to treasure and meet like-minded people making my cooking journey an enticing experience.

I hope that I shall be able to make your visit to this blog worthwhile, intrigue you with my recipes and connect with your food adventures.

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