Friday, July 11, 2014

Cabbage and Radish salad with orange dressing

I had a Radish in my fridge from almost a week. I had to use it for something before it goes all wiggly and wrinkly so added it to my Favorite cabbage salad and.. voilĂ ! It was refreshing and tasty.

Nutritional Information  (Approx)
(per serving)
Energy  44 Calories
Fat 0 %
Carbohydrates 2 %
Dietary Fiber 9 %
Sodium 1 %
Vitamin A 4 %
Vitamin C 54 %
Calcium  4 %
Iron  2 %
Protein 1.1 Grams
Sugar 2.8 Grams

Cabbage chopped 1 cup
Radish sliced 1 cup
Corainder leaves to garnish
Lemon juice 1 tsp

For Dressing
Orange 1
Lemon juice 1 tsp
Garlic cloves chopped 3
Salt  to taste
Pepper powder 1 tsp

Chop and slice the cabbage and radish. 

Add lemon juice, mix well and refrigerate for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a mixer/blender, mix all the ingredients under list "For Dressing"

Grind them finely.

Add the dressing to the salad and mix well.
Refrigerate for another 10-15 minutes before serving.

* Make sure to blanch Cabbage before adding to salad.

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Dal fry

A proteinaceous super food for a healthy diet are lentils. They are high in fiber and Iron. They also help to lower cholesterol and is good for heart.

Dal fry is a lentil dish which is really tasty and goes well with Rotis and white rice. This is a recipe I finally rounded up after trying so many recipes. This one is the tastiest of them all.

Nutritional Information  (Approx) (per serving)
Energy  124 Calories
Fat 2 %
Carbohydrate 7 %
Dietary Fiber 40 %
Sodium 7 %
Vitamin A 3 %
Vitamin C 6 %
Calcium  2 %
Iron  16 %
Protein 92 %
Sugar 2.5 Grams

Toor dal/yellow pigeon peas 1/2 cup
Moong dal/split mung beans 1/2 cup
Green chillies slit 3
Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
Water 2 cups
Ginger Garlic paste 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Lemon juice 1 tsp
Coriander leaves chopped to garnish

To Temper
Oil/ghee 1 tsp
Jeera/Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp
Mustard seeds 1/2 tsp
Cloves 2
Fenugreek seeds 1/4 tsp
Red chillies 2
Onion chopped 1

In a pressure cooker, add washed lentils, water, green chillies and turmeric powder.

Also add ginger garlic paste.

Add salt and mix well. Cover the lid and Pressure cook for 2 whistles.

In a pot, heat oil/ghee and add cumin seeds, clove, fenugreek seeds and mustard seeds.

Once they start spluttering, add red chillies and fry for a minute. Then add onion and fry till it looks transparent.

Add the cooked dal and mix well.

Bring it to boil and add lemon juice.
Boil for 2 more minutes. 

Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with rice or rotis.

  • You can add chopped tomatoes after frying onion instead of lemon juice.
  • You can also add Masoor dal and channa dal to this recipe. I could not find them here yet so I have skipped them.

Orange and cucumber salad

It is getting hotter and they this is the first time summer has gone up to 32 degrees. So, it is time for salads and Popsicles! :D

Here is a recipe of a yummy orange and cucumber salad. I took some time for presentation and I know it's not the best but it looked good on the table.

Nutritional Information  (Approx) (per serving)
Energy  70 Calories
Fat 0 %
Carbohydrate 6 %
Dietary Fiber 14 %
Sodium 0.3 %
Vitamin A 6 %
Vitamin C 20 %
Calcium  5 %
Iron  7 %
Protein 1.5 Grams
Sugar 12 Grams

Oranges 2
Cucumber/English cucumber 1
Salt to taste
Lemon juice 2 tsps
Brown sugar (optional) 1 tsp
Pepper powder 1/2 tsp

Slice the oranges to the shape of your choice. It is alright to leave the skin.

Sprinkle some salt..

and pepper powder.

Also sprinkle some brown sugar, lemon juice and give it a mix.

Place it in refrigerator for at least half an hour before serving.

Slice cucumber to the shapes of your choice.

Sprinkle salt, lemon juice..

and brown sugar.

Place it in refrigerator for at least half an hour before serving.

Serve orange and cucumber together as a salad before any meal. They taste delicious and refreshing.

  • The skin on orange does not taste bitter after marinating but if you do not like it, you can peel it before adding salt.
  • You can chop orange and cucumber to smaller pieces and present it by mixing them together if you do not like it this way.

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