Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Comeback to the Blogging world...

Hello Foodies and Friends!! Yes, I am back. Yes, I took a very long break (a year I guess :D) A YEAR! how time flies and it is hard to believe I stayed away from my dear old laptop for such a long time.

After this huge break from the blogging world, I just wanted to jump into blogging with posts of exciting new recipes that have been playing in my mind. But the truth is, I was/am tired, struggling to find time to cook something, let alone a blog post. My LO keeps me busy all day though she is not much of a trouble at night. So here I am, back where I love to be the most. Even though I love blogging, I needed this break to take care of my bump and enjoy it till my little one was ready to see the world.

Now, I am happy to write that I am blogging with new sense of eagerness and excitement. I will be back in a few days with a recipe that is something new, healthy, low-calorie and tasty. Stay tuned! >:D< :-h

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